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YESTERDAY, on a Saturday before the first Sunday in February, 1845, a committee (J. Harman, Mark Caudle, and
J. Johnson) was appointed to mark off land for “burying purposes”. Taking the name of the church south of the cemetery, Providence Cemetery came into existence. Deed records are dated April 3, 1871 with William J. Caudle signing the transfer.


Records do not indicate how long burials were performed before these dates. Providence Primitive Baptist Church was organized May 28, 1842. At that time, colored glass, pertified stone, etc. were used to mark graves so many grave plots have been lost through the years. The oldest marked grave is January 25, 1870.

TODAY, Providence Cemetery Association continues its historical purpose by providing cemetery plots and maintenance of the burial grounds. A new plat of the 4.255 acre cemetery has a computer generated grave listing which allows good record keeping of grave plots and has allowed many unmarked graves to be identified. Efforts continue to update and keep Providence Cemetery’s 166+ year history current.

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Maintain cemetery grounds.
Sell plots.

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