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The cemetery began in 1845.  Graves were marked with petrified wood, glass, rocks, etc.  Time and the elements destroyed many grave markers and the graves were lost.  Their loved ones aged and died, too.  Therefore, we have a list of lost graves. 

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Franklin County Geneaology researched using birth and death records, obituaries, word of mouth, etc. to create this list of lost graves.

LOST GRAVES LIST                                           Born                   Died

Armstrong, Birdie May                                  abt. 1902        3-Apr, 1916

                                                          14 year old dau of Mr. & Mrs. John Armstrong unmarked

                                  Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010:

                                  1.  Birdie May Armstrong is most likely in the unmarked grave next to

                                        her parents Row 33, Plot 39.

Barns, Sarah E.                                              2-Dec, 1860     12-Mar, 1929

                                                          dau of Ed & Lela Brewer Mize unmarked

Beall, Harles                                                   28-Oct, 1854     26-May, 1884

                                                           *Historical Records unmarked

                             Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010 the following;

                             1.  Beall, Harles should be Charles and he is buried on Row 24, Plot 39.

                             2.  He married Lydia Park on 23 Dec, 1875.

Beall, Mrs. Redmon (Lillie Stinson)               ——–               15-Dec, 1929

                                                      unmarked, Lillie Stinson married Redmon Beall 12-Jul, 1903

Beck, Julia                                                          abt. 1903         28-May, 1908

                                                       dau of Dr. & Mrs. W. J. Beck 3 yrs 8 mo old unmarked

Bell, Flora D. (Holder)                                   4-Mar, 1854      18-Nov, 1938

                                                       dau of Felix & Melissie Willis King Holder unmarked

Bolin, Baby                                                               ———           14-May, 1919

                                                       child of John & Alice Bolin unmarked

                          Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010 :

                          1.  Bolin, Baby died 14 May, 1919, the child of  John and Alice  Bolin.

                          2.  There is an unidentified buried in Row 30,  Plot 54 beside Alice 

                                Bolin.  More than likely, it is the babe.               

Bolin, Baby                                                               ———-          12-Jan, 1915

                                                       child of Clarence Bolin unmarked

                                Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010:

                                Bolin, Baby died 12 Jan, 1915 the child of Clarence Bolin….there is an

                                unidentified buried beside Clarence Bolin, Row 27, Plot 48 that is likely

                                this babe.

Bolin, Baby                                                               ———-            4-Apr, 1915

                                                       child of Will Bolin unmarked

Byram, Helen Georgia                                     1-Jan, 1922        6-Jan, 1975

                                                      dau of William & Florence Nelson Autrey unmarked

Carr, Loyd                                                          27-Mar, 1934     28-Mar, 1934

                                                      son of R. G. & Rosa Shaw Carr unmarked

Carr, Infant                                                         8-Mar, 1933        8-Mar, 1933

                                                     dau of R. G. & Rosa Shaw Carr unmarked

Carr, W. C.                                                         22-Mar, 1934       4-Jun, 1937

                                                     son of F. C. & Susan Condrey Carr unmarked

Caudle, Liddie                                                          ————           11-Mar, 1917

                                                     dau of L. & Adilene Hightower Hollyfield, married Jeff

                                                     Caudle 23-Feb-1885 unmarked

Childers, Vernie                                                         6 mo old           1-Jun, 1914

                                                     dau of Mr. & Mrs. James Childers unmarked

Choate, Bettie                                                       29-Jul, 1874        22-Jul, 1944

                                                     dau of Thomas & Mary Ann Holloway Wall unmarked

Clinton, Baby                                                             ———-               25-Apr, 1920

                                                      child of Wright Clinton unmarked

Clinton, Arloid                                                            ———-                7-Jun, 1918

                                                      son of J. L. & Ada Casey Clinton unmarked 

Combs, John                                                                ———-              10-Oct, 1924

                                                      son of Thad W. & Martha B. Wilson Combs unmarked

Combs, Mrs. Mack                                                      ———–             ??-???-1908

                                                      dau of T. B. Johnson unmarked

Cox, G. C.                                                                       ———–             27-Mar, 1926

                                                      son of Tom Cox unmarked

Daughtery, John                                                       abt. 1852          10-Oct, 1916


Davis, J. N.                                                              11-Jul, 1878        11-Jul, 1878

                                                       * Historical Records unmarked

Davis, Mary L.                                                        14-Jun, 1877       14-Jun, 1877

                                                       * Historical Records unmarked

DeShazo, W. R.                                                            ———–                30-Jun, 1914

                                                       81 yrs old unmarked

DeShazo, Mrs. W. R.                                               24-Aug, 1834       18-Mar, 1914

                                                       wife of W. R. DeShazo  Unmarked

Dozier, Fannie Leona                                               5-May, 1875         23-May, 1879

                                                       *Historical Records unmarked

Easley, Mrs. Frank (Lillian Baker)                           ———-                 8-Apr, 1921

                                                         dau of W. J. Baker unmarked

                                Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010:

                                1.  Easley, Mrs. Frank (Lillian Baker) born 7 Aug, 1882, died  

                                     6 Apr, 1921 and is buried on Row 6, Plot 25.  

                                2.  She is buried under her maiden name, Lillian Baker.

Etgin, Odell Bolin                                                           ———-                     ———–

                                                          see Bolin, Odell

Harris, Bettie                                                                   ———–                 ??-Jul, 1920

                                                          sister of Bob Cates    unmarked

Height, Baby                                                                 ??-Oct, 1914            6-Dec, 1914

                                                           2 months old     unmarked

Hightower, Isaac Newton                                           abt. 1842               10-Jan, 1919

                                                     son of John & Nancy Keith Hightower 68 years old unmarked

Hightoweer, Silas E.                                                   31-Mar, 1857         31-Mar, 1934

                                                           son of John & Nancy Keith Hightower unmarked

Hightower, Maleala                                                    11-Apr, 1849          22-Jul, 1931

                                                           dau of John & Nancy Keith Hightower unmarked

Hill, Caroline                                                                   abt. 1843              13-Oct, 1911

                                                           wife of Henderson Hill   68 years old unmarked

Holder, Catherine M.                                                     3-Dec, 1837         15-Jan, 1887

                                                           *Historical Records unmarked wife of Felix Holder

                                 Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010:

                                 1.  Catherine M. Holder is on Row 18, Plot 52.

Holder, Mrs. Lump                                                               ———-              18-Jan, 1915


Holder, Mrs. W. B.                                                                ———–             29-May, 1916

                                                            36 years old       unmarked

Holder, Nannie Lewis                                                           ———–            19-Jan, 1920

                                                             wife of Bud Holder  unmarked

Hollyfield, Mrs. (Adeline Elizabeth Hightower)            ————          12-Apr, 1917

                                                             unmarked, dau of James Hightower

Holyfield, Foster                                                                      ————           22-Nov, 1922

                                                              31 year old son of Will Holyfield  unmarked

Holyfield, George                                                                 15-Nov, 1889    15-Nov, 1933

                                                             son of W. M. &  C.L. Caudle Holyfield   unmarked

Holyfield, Maggie                                                         69 yrs 3 mo 6 da      12-Sep, 1938

                                                         dau of Leonard & Adeline Hightower Holyfield  unmarked

Hunt, Elaine                                                                           8-Aug, 1931        9-Oct, 1933

                                                              unmarked dau of Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hunt

Hyde, Guy Rufus                                                                   3-Mar, 1923        12-Aug, 1933

                                                               son of Will & Martha Reaves Hyde   unmarked

Johnson, Douris J.                                                                9-Sep, 1881           16-Feb, 1946

                                                 son of T. B. & Dora Godwin Johnson  unmarked, census shows

                                                 Dones for first name

Johnson, Garland                                                                        ———-                1-Feb, 1920

                                                               child of Bud & Annie Majors Johnson   unmarked

Johnson, Samantha Armstrong                                       22-Mar, 1869        18-Sep, 1904

                                                   unmarked, dau of Warren & Eliza White Armstrong, wife of

                                                   Elias “Bud” Johnson

Kimbell, Wm. B.                                                                      3-Dec, 1856           5-Mar, 1931

                                                               unmarked  married Fannie Hightower 22-Aug-1887

Laws, Margaret Sue                                                              31-Jul, 1940          1-Nov, 1940

                                                               dau of Elvin & Bettie Holder Laws     unmarked

Lowe, A. J. (Nude)                                                                      ———                  ??-???, 1917

                                                               brother of Morgan Lowe    unmarked

McGhee, Mary                                                                          ??-???, 1876           6-Apr, 1884

                                                               dau of George B. & S. B. Rouse McGhee

                                                               * Historical Records    unmarked

McLemore, Boy                                                                             ———                  9-Jan, 1926

                                                               4 years old         unmarked

Narramore, Mrs. Charlie                                                           ———                 24-Nov, 1921


Oliver, Mrs.B. F.                                                                        ??-???, 1819       25-Jun, 1885

                                                               *Historical Records   unmarked

Palmer, Sibble                                                                              28-Mar, 1920    19-Jun, 1937

                                                               dau of Ed & Bessie Otwell Palmer  unmarked

Parsons, Infant Daughter                                                          24-Dec, 1927     24-Dec, 1927

                                                              dau of W. E. & Dollie Moore Parsons   unmarked

Pierce, Tommy Jr.                                                                       20-Sep, 1936        8-Jul 1937

                                                             son of Tommie & Thelma Reynolds Pierce  unmarked

Price, John Wesley                                                                       27-Feb, 1867      10-Jan, 1935

                                                             unmarked, born in Mississippi

Ramsey, Will                                                                                  ??-???, 1877          5-Jan, 1931

                                                             son of T. S. Ramsey    unmarked

Raney, Eva                                                                                    8-Jul, 1885           21-Jun, 1960

                                                            dau of W. C. & Sally Fogleman Lum  unmarked

Reynolds, Infant                                                                          31-Oct, 1930        31-Oct, 1930

                                                           dau of J. A. & Oma Pilkinton Reynolds    unmarked

Reynolds, Leon                                                                                ———                   11-Jun, 1917

                                                          son of Clyde Reynolds        unmarked

Reynolds, Mrs. Clyde                                                                    ———–                 30-Jun, 1935


Rodgers, Lulu                                                                                   ———–                 20-May, 1921

                                                            child    unmarked

Scott, Mrs. A. B.                                                                              ————                       ————-

                                                           See Elizabeth Ada Carr

Sims, Jessie Eliza (Beall)                                                               ————                17-Aug, 1934


Spence, Henry                                                                                  ————-              28-Dec, 1919

                                                            son of William & Lena D. Hindman Spence  unmarked

Spence, Mrs. W. H.                                                                           ————–            22-Dec, 1913


Strickland, Infant                                                                              ————-            16-Jun, 1918

                                                           dau of J. W. & Carrie Dannells Strickland    unmarked

Talley, Emaline (Bradley)                                                              ————-                 ca 1900

                                                          1st wife of Moses Talley     unmarked

                                       Charlene Donaghue updated 11-24-2010:

                                       1.  Emaline Bradley is on Row 18, Plot 13 on the right side of Moses W.


Turner, Albert Ernest                                                                      ————                28-Dec, 1926

                                                           son of Homer & Myrtis Tuller Turner    unmarked

Willis, John A.                                                                               4-Mar, 1855             25-May, 1942

                                                          son of John & Elizabeth Merchant Willis  unmarked

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